electrolyte drink for kids

In a reusable bottle.

Brand design
Three fruit drink bottles on a sandy beach

Frusea is an organic, fruit-flavored electrolyte drink for kids sold in a sturdy reusable bottle.  This sustainable brand needed to appeal to both children and discerning parents simultaneously, which inspired the prevalent calm blue and lively ocean-themed illustrations. 

A bright, fruit-inspired color palette doubles as a nod to the vibrancy of the undersea world. The hand-crafted wordmark and youthful font choices were designed to contrast with the stiffly formal typefaces that are typical of the market, and create a more down-to-earth aesthetic.

Brand Identity
Social Media
Uberhand Pro
Fall 2019
A desk covered in sketchbooks, fruits, and inspiration photos, showing the design process for the project.
Sizing up the competition.

Conducting a thorough analysis of the major players in the kids' electrolyte drink market provided valuable insight when constructing the Frusea brand. The design choices of Pedialyte and Roar Drinks appeal mainly to parents and not children, and both seem unconcerned with their environmental impact, allowing Frusea room to thrive in the market.

An analysis of Pedialyte beverage packaging showing strengths and weaknessesAn analysis of Roar Drinks beverage packaging showing strengths and weaknesses
Packaging design
Pleasing parents and engaging children.

Vivid, custom illustrations combine sea creatures with fruit to give the brand a fresh and inviting look. Leaving nothing wasted, the reverse of each label is a themed activity page.

Recyclable refill pouches encourage reusability of the bottles, and present a way for the company to remain both profitable and environmentally-conscious. 

Three cute illustrations of sea creatures combined with fruits. A lime sea turtle, a mango whale, and a strawberry jellyfish.
A hand peeling away the bottle label to reveal the activity sheet on the reverseColorful markers filling out the activity sheet on the reverse of the label
Three refill pouches for the fruit drinks
Social Media
To engage and inform.

Social media posts focuses on showing the product in the real world, and uses animation in fun ways to increase user engagement. 

Social media videoSocial media postSocial media post