Harmonizing psychology

and technology.

Brand Design
Website Design
Conceptual project
An overview shot of the conference collateral, showing  name badges, buttons, t-shirt, water bottle, tote bag, and notebook

Technology, Mind, & Society is an annual conference that discusses how the intertwining fields of psychology and technology work to advance each other. The theme, Rethink, is a deliberately open-ended invitation that encourages attendees to analyze the world from new perspectives. 

The design challenge was to craft a brand that blends the two worlds of technology and humanity in a believable and unconventional way. Monospace fonts and bright accent colors speak to the future, while the serif font and cool blues keep the brand grounded for the conference’s 28–42 year old demographic. 

Brand Identity
Page Layout
Website Design
Social Media
Mrs Eaves
Space Mono
Roboto Mono
Student Project
Fall 2019
Creating personas.

During the research phase it was determined that the conference had two main target audiences: professionals in the world of psychology, and students of psychology. From this research, two distinct user personas were created to ensure the conference and brand were adequately catering to the needs of the audience.

User persona for a psychological professional
User persona for a student of psychology
Blending two worlds.

The conference logo was created to accurately portray both the theme and subject matter of the conference. Careful attention was paid to matching the x-heights and weights to increase unity. 

Harmonizing psychology and technology.
Conference name badges for 3 different types of attendees
Custom webcam covers gifted to conference attendeesThe custom webcam cover in action
Pull-up wayfinding signs at the conference
The second speaker page of the conference bookletThe first speaker page of the conference bookletThe schedule page of the conference bookletThe breakout sessions page of the conference booklet
Branded materials
Tech-inspired design with a human touch.

To keep the brand accessible, focus was placed on creating tangible applications with clear hierarchy. Structured columns and color-coding allow for easy digestion of information. 

Website design
Information at a glance.

The single-page website was designed to be informative yet streamlined, allowing users to easily navigate and convert without unnecessary clutter. 

Mobile screen of the conference website
Desktop view of the conference website