Conscious living for

a male audience.

Brand Design
Conceptual project
Multiple cover designs for the conscious living magazine

Kindly is a seasonal publication created to widen the conventional audience of sustainability-focused magazines—and conscious living in general. Research has shown that men are less likely than women to care about living consciously, but that the proper branding can play a deciding role in shifting perceptions. 

The bold interiors are designed to attract a masculine audience ages 21–35, and position the brand apart from the usual association of sustainability as feminine. Colorful cover images framed within a distinctive arch provide personality, with a structured header that lends journalistic sophistication.

Brand Identity
Editorial Layout
Social Media
Titling Gothic
Cooper BT
Freight Text
Student Project
Spring 2020
A desk covered in sketchbooks, magazines, and inspiration photos, showing the design process Kindly Magazine.
Standing out in the market.

The magazine market as a whole tilts heavily towards consumerist lifestyles, and the few magazines that do promote conscious living are overwhelmingly marketed towards women. This creates a sizable opening in the market for Kindly to thrive and create new conversations. 

A grid analysis showing how Kindly fits into the magazine market, with "conscious lifestyle" vs "consumerist lifestyle" on the Y axis, and "masculine audience" vs "feminine audience" on the X axis
Finding balance between friendly and serious.

The wordmark is built on the typeface Jubilat by Joshua Darden, which was chosen for its warm, classic personality and high x-height to enhance readability from a distance. The corners of the letters were softened, and the modified “K” can be removed for use as a monogram. 

Conscious living for a male audience.
Page Layout
Unity in diversity.

A versatile 12-column grid creates structure while allowing for diversity in every spread. Bold typography, compelling images, and bright colors were chosen to challenge the normally calm aesthetics associated with conscious living.

Table of contents magazine spread
Magazine spread showing interviews with Indigenous designersMagazine spread showcasing conscious clothing brands
Magazine featured article on fashion designer, Christopher Raeburn.
Magazine featured article on fashion designer, Christopher Raeburn.
Magazine featured article on fashion designer, Christopher Raeburn.
Magazine featured article on Alexandria Ocasio-CortezMagazine featured article on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Magazine editorial spread on the effects of fast fashion on the planet
Hand holding a magazine