Summer Break Studios

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driven by mission.

Webflow Development
Website Design
Grid of website pages for a brand film production studio, Summer Break Studios

Summer Break Studios is a Queer and Black-led production studio in Los Angeles, working with brands to tell authentic, human-centered stories. Our goal together was to create a sophisticated, yet down-to-earth website to show off their video work in a way that visually balances the importance of the stories with the vibrancy of the studio’s personality and ethos.

Logo and brand identity created by Wells Collins.

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Website Design
Webflow Development
Summer 2022
Website design
Fun in the sun.

Blocks of summery color and large, engaging typography emphasize the studio’s playful spirit and bold vision, falling back when needed to allow the video content to shine.

Custom-built interactions keep the user engaged throughout the site.

Each project page is built with a CMS system where the Studio can select a color scheme from the brand colors, allowing each project hero to have a unique look.

Mobile website UI, home page storytelling sectionMobile website UI, footer contact form
Mobile website UI, About page accordion