A household name gets

A fresh face.

Brand Design
Website Design
Conceptual project
Redesigned tape packaging for a Scotch brand refresh

Part of the 3M corporate umbrella, Scotch is uniquely positioned as one of the most ubiquitous brands in the world. Although a trusted product, their current brand and package design lacks cohesiveness, which could confuse consumers and cause them to spring for cheaper, generic brands.

After an extensive audit of the brand and its competitors, a refresh was proposed to breathe new life into the established brand, as well as to expand Scotch’s line of eco-friendly tape across their entire product line. The challenge was to create a unified aesthetic that boldly conveys dependability and creativity, while sticking true to the Scotch brand. 

Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Website Design
Farnham Text
Student Project
Fall 2020
Behind the scenes of the process on the Scotch brand refresh
Auditing the current brand.

Through thorough analysis of the current brand’s packaging and website, it was revealed that there was a lack of cohesiveness across applications. Font choices were disjointed, and iconic brand elements such as the plaid pattern were rarely used outside the line of office tape.

The strategy became clear: create a unified aesthetic and typographic structure that can be easily implemented across products.

A collage showing Scotch's current, disjointed brand and packaging
Modern versatility while maintaining equity.

The Scotch logo has been refreshed to express the brand in a new, dynamic way while maintaining nearly a century of brand recognition. By breaking free of the box, the logo has greater versatility and is more readable at small sizes. 

The old Scotch logo compared with the newly redesigned logo
The old Scotch logo compared with the newly redesigned logo
Numerous pages of the brand guidelines book for a Scotch brand refresh
A moving image showing the redesigned line of Scotch office tape
Redesigned tape refill boxes for a Scotch brand refresh
The cohesively redesigned glue and scissors packaging for Scotch
A household name gets a fresh face.
Before and after of Scotch's double-sided tape packaging
Before and after of Scotch's glue stick packaging
Before and after of Scotch's glue packaging
Before and after of Scotch's packing tape
Before and after of Scotch's scissor packaging
Improving brand loyalty with cohesive packaging.

Creating a brand that sticks means using unique elements that others can’t emulate. For Scotch, that was their iconic plaid design, trademarked since the 1950s. The brand and packaging were built around that pattern, set at a common dynamic angle.

Bright colors add character and stand out on the shelf, while the structured typography works to unify. The result is a vibrant brand that is cohesive and instantly recognizable. 

Website design
An easy to navigate, product-focused experience.

The Scotch website was given a long-awaited overhaul, centered around the impact of its products on the everyday consumer. Custom icons and vivid imagery lead users through revamped product pages, where they are met with a simple “where to buy” conversion. 

A mobile view of Scotch's website redesign
The new website design for Scotch