High-energy protein

Powder for women.

Brand Design
Conceptual project
Two pouches of protein powder for women with a bold and colorful design

The women’s protein powder market is dominated by brands that are daintily feminine, abounding with neutral colors and soft pastels. Positioned as an inclusive brand for women from all walks of life, Vurve’s bright design decisively bucks expectations for the category. 

The name was created as a play on the word “verve,” which denotes energy, physical strength, and good health. Keeping in step with its name, a bold, passionate brand was created that reflects the energy of Vurve’s offerings and stands out among other products.

Brand Identity
Website Design
Social Media
Sharp Grotesk
Founders Grotesk
Student Project
Spring 2021
User interviews
Understanding the needs of the audience.

To better understand the target audience and make the best design decisions, I created a questionnaire and conducted interviews with 4 women of various experience with protein powder. After the interview process, I had a better understanding of their needs and problems, and of what design decisions should be made.

Shopping for protein powder can be challenging because the packaging doesn’t tell you what the product is supposed to help you with, so you don’t always know if you’re buying one that will help you.

Lizzy, 24

Researching protein powder

Protein powder for women usually looks too dainty, I would prefer something with a more bold and strong look.

Ava, 28

Researching protein powder

Because of my health and dietary restrictions, I prefer protein powder that can be catered to my personal needs and goals.

Kaleigh, 20

Protein powder user

Most protein powders are marketed toward people who are already fit and know what they want, it would be great if there was an option more accessible to everybody.

Hannah, 25

Protein powder user

A moving image of the custom logo and vibrant color scheme
A custom mailer box with a bag of protein powder, shaker bottle, and flavor pouches
Capturing the vibrancy of womanhood.

Drawing inspiration from the strength and vibrancy of its audience, the fresh colors and punchy typography pull Vurve firmly apart from others in the category, while allowing enough flexibility to clearly differentiate the blends.

Each package has a personalized touch, and custom iconography indicates each individual’s fitness goals, activity, and dietary needs. 

Digital experience
Personalized blends that suit your goals.

Bold typography and prominent calls to action funnel users to the personalization quiz where they craft their unique protein blend. Vivid photography embraces diversity across applications.

A mobile screen showing details of a user's personalized blend
Several mobile screens of the online personalization quiz
Example social media posts showing diverse photography