Hotel Argos

A luxury hotel for pets

and their owners.

Brand Design
Website Design
Conceptual project
A luxury hotel for pets and their owners.

Hotel Argos is a luxury hotel situated in downtown San Francisco. The name of the hotel comes from the Ancient Greek epic, The Odyssey, in which Argos the faithful dog stays loyal to his master until the very end. Hotel Argos was created to serve with the same commitment, designed to be an oasis where guests are cherished and pampered in rooms catered specifically to their pet. 

This unique hotel needed a brand that was sophisticated but not cold. This resulted in an art deco aesthetic inspired by typography and design elements from the 1920s. Rich colors and elegant patterns purposefully elevate the mood throughout all applications.

Brand Identity
Website Design
Custom Font
Student Project
Fall 2019
A desk covered in sketchbooks and inspiration photos, showing the design process for Hotel Argos.
A modern nod to a bygone era.

The hand-crafted wordmark draws from a blend of contemporary geometry and art deco elegance. Deep, soothing colors convey the simultaneous luxury and warmth of the brand.

The construction of the Hotel Argos logo
The Art Deco inspired logo for Hotel Argos
Custom font
A voice of its own.

A bespoke display font was created to give the brand a unique voice. The letterforms were inspired by the lasting work of A.M. Cassandre, with lines that playfully weave together while maintaining a classic aesthetic. 

A golden custom typeface, inspired by Art Deco design.
Stationery + Collateral
Touchpoints for hands and for paws.

Along with a refined stationery suite, the hotel needed distinctive applications specific to pets. On check-in, pets receive their own keycard tag, and a scented fur spray is included as part of the custom toiletry set.

Two business cards and stationery for Hotel Argos.
A moving gif image showing the keycard sleeve at Hotel Argos.
A golden dog wearing her keycard on her collar
Elegant soap bottles for Hotel Argos.
Website design
A home away from home.

The hotel website was optimized for conversion, with an emphasis on the booking system for both mobile and desktop. A set of custom icons helps users visually navigate the site.

The homepage of the desktop website for Hotel Argos